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Published on 6 November 2015

Spelt is often considered an ancestor to modern wheat.  Left aside when selecting modern grain varieties, spelt gluten is actually far superior to that found in modern wheat; this rustic grain is particularly famous for the quality of its proteins and its high nutritional value.  After being hulled, it is used whole in soups, or ground into a flour to make subtly flavoured breads and excellent pastries.
Less starch and gluten
A study performed by Biofortis and analysed by Nantes University Hospital has shown that Angélus spelt bread has, in comparison to white yeasted bread:
More cellulose and more mineral salts (magnesium, phosphorous, calcium)
Thanks to these characteristics, spelt bread makes you feel fuller for longer, prevents weight gain and reduces your blood sugar level.  Come and discover our full range of spelt-based products :

NB: Our spelt breads are made using traditional sourdough, first mixed in 1980 using wheat flour.  As such, even though we use spelt flour in our spelt sourdough, it still contains 5% wheat flour.