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Our history

Our bakery is proud of our flavours

For more than 30 years, our 100% organic bakery has been offering bread lovers a range of high-quality sourdough loaves and delicious pastries.

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Products labeled Agri-Éthique are 100 percent French fair-trade products.

Our approach of solidarity guarantees fair pricing for our inputs from farmers, preserves local employment, and protects the environment. At Biofournil, we are committed to procure faire-trade flour and eggs from France, labeled Agri-Ethique.

The benefits

Our products are 100% organic, natural and, most importantly, delicious.

L'Angélus has chosen to combine high quality and local produce, using flours milled from organic grain farmed in France*. (*except the Kamut and spelt flours).

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Champ de blé 100% biologique
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Our flours

Our selection of flours :


Years of skill and expertise

“First mixed in 1980, our sourdough starter is the result of the natural fermentation of flour and water. Thanks to these skills and this expertise, we can guarantee high-quality products and a longer shelf life. Every day, we refresh our starter and use it to prove our breads."

All of our secrets!
Secret du boulanger

Baker's secrets

A few little tips and tricks to get you going…

The results

Truly authentic products…

The L'Angélus bakery makes both fully baked and pre-baked breads using traditional sourdough, sourdough breads made ursing bio-dynamic flour and delicious, hand-made pastries produced without palm oil.

Pains cuits au levain à l'ancienne
Carnet de recette Small grains pad Nordic way Our last recipe

Small grains pad Nordic way

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