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Published on 4 September 2015

Ancient and organic KAMUT® wheat from Khorasan is higher in protein than modern wheat, and is also richer in a number of minerals including selenium, zinc and magnesium.  Thanks to the remarkably high levels of selenium, a mineral renowned for its anti-oxidant properties, KAMUT® Khorasan wheat is a great source of selenium.

It also has a high fat content.  Fat is a better source of energy than starch, so KAMUT® Khorasan wheat can be described as a “high-energy wheat”.  For sports lovers, highly active people and anyone else seeking out high-energy foods, products made from KAMUT® Khorasan wheat will make a great addition to their diet.
This passage is an extract from the “Health and Nutrition” page, from the website: www.kamut.com.  Go and take a look if you want more information!