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Comitted to organic produce since 1978…

Published on 6 November 2015

For the environment, for your health and for the flavour!

When you choose to bake organic bread, first and foremost you’re choosing a method which protects the environment and promotes biodiversity.  You’re also choosing raw ingredients, made from grains grown using small quantities of organic fertilizer, without artificial chemicals or GMOs.  And to guarantee this high quality, every organic product is tested at every stage of production by an independent organisation approved by public authorities: Ecocert.  On every pack, the European organic logo and the French AB logo ensure that the product you buy has followed all the rules governing organic farming.

AB_logo_angelusOur breads and pastries are produced using 100% organic ingredients :

  • Stonre-grounf grain flours from Organic Farms
  • Traditional sourdough first mixed in 1980 from the spontaneous fermentation of flour and water
  • Purified water, containing nothing but water and mineral ions
  • Untreated sea salt.

For more information, visit the Agence Bio website.